Enter the Penguin

What is FlashLinux?

It’s a FREE customised Linux distribution initially designed to be run directly off a 256Mb USB key or other forms of bootable flash memory. It has subsequently (also) become a Linux distribution that runs directly from a CDROM, typically known as a Live-CD.

Enter the Penguin[What is FlashLinux?]

How does it look?

Clean and Compact

The initial design aims were size, the ability to run from a Flash key without wearing it out too quickly, and to give the user a nice clean user interface to work with. The speed boost gained from using Gentoo was an added bonus.

How does it look?[Clean and Compact]

What is included?

GUI and core applications

Including Evolution, Firefox, Gaim, GEdit, VNC, TSClient and XChat. For those of you with larger USB keys, optional packages include OpenOffice, Abiword, GNumeric, The GIMP, Planner, Firestarter, VIM, Etherreal, Nessus and various WiFi drivers.

What is included?[GUI and core applications]

Current Status

What version are we at?

Version 0.3.4 was released quite some time ago (2005) and it starting to look a little dated, but it’s the only complete desktop system that will run from a 256Mb memory stick.

Current Status[What version are we at?]

What Next?

The next Generation...

We would like to put together a new version of FlashLinux based on Linux 3.x and the Gnome 3.x, all we need is someone who’d like to sponsor us ..

What Next?[The next Generation...]

If you’d like to know more or even get involved, please visit the Linux forums and view or take part in the discussions on the new FlashLinux board. This project was pretty much ‘left for dead’ due to lack of developer time, however there still seems to be a need for a compact yet complete ‘truly portable’ version of Linux that’s polished and easy to use. Please Note; we’re currently migrating this site over from Plone, missing pages will appear shortly..