Current Release – 0.3.4 RC2

This site has been ported from Plone to WordPress and during the move we dumped all information pertaining to old releases (it was obsolete!). Use this information to download and install the current (and only published) version of Flash Linux. Please be aware that although this version is quite usable and useful, it’s not current and the design and user interface presented does not reflect the current state of the Linux desktop or current GUI technology.


  • First you need to visit Sourceforge and grab a some files
  • Download the files called “flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso-part*”
  • Linux users can validate their downloads by also recovering the “flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso.md5″ file

For Linux Users

cat flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso-part1 flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso-part2 \
flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso-part3 > flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso
md5sum -c flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso.md5

the computer should respond with;
flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso: OK

For Windows Users

Windows users find that they won’t have a “cat” command unless they use cygwin. “mattseddon” reports however that this should work; (all on one line!)

copy /B flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso-part1+flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso-part2+
flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso-part3 /B flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso

Writing to CD

You now have an ISO image of the installation / Live CD. Next we need to “burn” this image to a CD-ROM or CD-RW. On a Windows machine we’ll let you figure it out for yourself, but if you’re using a Gnome based Linux distro such as Ubuntu, find the flashlinux-0.3.4-RC2.iso file with your file manager, right click and select “write to CD”.